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What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre is a unique form of interactive theatre enabling audiences to tell their stories.


Playback Theatre is a safe way of exploring internal thought processes and using the arts to express and communicate.


People from the audience are invited to share moments from their lives.


They then see them being brought to life as the company immediately recreates the essence of their story using voice, movement, dance, music and song.


What we are doing...


In May and June 2018, members of Breathing Fire have been conducting research on trauma in relation to the experiences of migrant communities. Findings from our individual research will be used to inform our interactions with audiences and the creativity expressed in our up and coming performances.


See our What's On page for details of our next performance in October.




Our Washington DC Tour 2018 is complete!


We are now back home in Bristol. Our tour was supported by funding from Arts Council England.


We partnered with our Washington DC based sister company, Hissing Black Cat to deliver five playback performances and we are pleased to have made links with a High School and a Women’s writing group to deliver two additional performances.


We performed again with our sisters in Hissing Black Cat on our reciprocal visit following on from their joining us on our UK tour in 2016.


February is Black History Month in the USA and we can benefit from our interactions with communities and people especially around the way Black History Month is celebrated and acknowledged in America. Our aim was to honour our audiences with their stories.

Here is more about our USA visit

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